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Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir 90/400mg

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Leading the way in Hep C treatment

HARVONI transformed Hep C treatment as the first cure with a simple regimen that’s one pill, once a day for the majority of patients. There’s no interferon, no complex regimens.

Now, HARVONI has been prescribed to over a half million people to cure their Hep C.*

In clinical studies, HARVONI was proven to cure 96–99% of adult patients who had Hep C genotype 1 and no prior treatment with 12 weeks of therapy. Certain patients were cured with just 8 weeks of therapy. Your Hep C Specialist will determine your length of treatment.

If you don’t have Hep C genotype 1, 4, 5, or 6, learn about another treatment option that may be right for you.

Cure means the Hep C virus is not detected in the blood when measured three months after treatment is completed.

*This information is derived from IMS NPA, IMS NSP™, and IntegriChain® data; data reflect estimated patient starts for HARVONI from 10/2014–3/2018.

In a study of 865 patients with genotype 1 Hep C and no prior Hep C treatment, with or without cirrhosis (compensated), 99% (210 out of 213) of those who received HARVONI once daily for 12 weeks were cured. In a separate study of 647 patients with GT 1 Hep C, with no prior Hep C treatment and without cirrhosis, 96% (208 out of 216) of those who received HARVONI once daily for 12 weeks were cured.

In a study of 647 patients with genotype 1 Hep C, with no prior Hep C treatment and without cirrhosis, 97% (119 out of 123) of those with lower levels of the virus (less than 6 million IU/mL) who received HARVONI once daily for 8 weeks were cured.

These studies did not include patients with advanced cirrhosis (decompensated) or those who have had a liver transplant. Advanced cirrhosis (decompensated) is when the liver is extensively scarred and can no longer do its job effectively.

5 reviews for Harvoni 90/400mg – Box 84 Tablet(s)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adel F. M. MD

    I am a physician. When I was in active practice I was making an excellent income. I never had to worry about the cost of my medications. Once I retired my income dropped and I also had to buy all of my ever increasing list of medications. As the cost of medications was a substantial part of my family’s budget, I started searching for Online certified pharmacies that have lower prices.

    After investigating numerous pharmacies in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe: emerged as the undisputed champion. When I started dealing with I found that ordering medication was simple and it is easy to get real people to answer your questions and they are knowledgeable and courteous. The medications I receive from are in exactly the same factory packages as what I used to buy at my local pharmacy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carol L

    I heard about from my doctor. It has been a blessing for me, saving me hundreds of dollars while providing me with the same meds as in my local pharmacy. My meds have always been delivered in a timely fashion. The trained customer service reps have always been there to answer any questions I have.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Leona I. M.

    About one year ago, my primary doctor started me Harvoni for Hep C suggested I contact I found the people at very courteous and helpful. I ordered at that time and am still receiving my medication from In December 2018 my order was shipped from a partner pharmacy and there was a problem. My package had broken open and My Harvoni was missing. I send an email to Orders Department and without hesitation,they took over my problem.

    After a few days i receive an email from orders depart. and said my order would be settled, they would ship my missing Harvoni . Last Saturday, my next order arrived only a week after I placed the order . I can’t say enough about the extra fine service I have had with and I have recommended to several people.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ethel C. S.

    A 2 years ago, a friend gave me address because he was aware of my financial situation and wanted to inform me of a feasible way to save money on my prescriptions. This remains an important factor, since I am a widow living on a fixed income. I compared prices with my local pharmacy vs. and the difference was considerable. Shortly after that time, I ordered Harvoni from My savings exceeded $50,000.00 (including shipping charges) for the exact brands I had been ordering locally, must to my surprise.

    The staff members I have been contacting are extremely courteous, helpful and very professional. I have complete faith and trust in and continue to have complete confidence in them as well. I am very impressed with their reliability in all aspects of my dealings with them, and have and will continue to suggest to my friends and associates that they consider ordering from I know without a doubt that my personal information will be kept confidential at all times. All my good wishes to you, and ALL CANADIANS ARE GREAT PEOPLE!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laurent Ducharme-France

    The virus of hepatitis C was received a year ago. I found about on Youtube.I ordered Harvoni Treatment because is known to be the best one. I try to use all new products. This medicine was discussed with the attending physician. There are contraindications, but there are many positive things. One of the pluses is the price.

    I took the drug for 12 weeks, very scrupulously – I started the alarm clock to take medicine at the exact same time. Recently handed over analyzes – there is a positive dynamics. I will continue taking the drug for another 12 weeks.

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