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Customer Review

I’m giving you a 5 all the way down, everything’s been fine. Everybody has done an excellent job.

Joyce J. Missouri, USA

Well I just wanted to thank you for your services and that everybody is doing a nice job on your end. It’s very nice that you call us to remind us to refill and stuff and also for your 5% Off gift, it really makes it handy. I appreciate all the work that you guys do.

Bonny M. Missouri, USA

Generally, I get what I want. Orders are fast to arrive.

Anonymous Wooster, Ohio

100% Very satisfied, as I received the medication within 10 days which I think is pretty quick. Even quicker than my regular mail, how does that sound? Service is great, guarantee sounds good.

Frederick R. New Holland, Pennsylvania


I’ve been an on-and-off Harvoni-Shop.com customer for 1 year, and I found their service to be consistently reliable. Even when, in my last order, I made an (honest) mistake in giving them a wrong shipping info  , they had enough patience and courtesy to help me straighten it up and proceed with the order.

Val from Brooklyn USA


I am a physician. When I was in active practice I was making an excellent income. I never had to worry about the cost of my medications. Once I retired my income dropped and I also had to buy all of my ever increasing list of medications. As the cost of medications was a substantial part of my family’s budget, I started searching for Online certified pharmacies that have lower prices.

After investigating numerous pharmacies in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe: Harvoni-Shop.com emerged as the undisputed champion. When I started dealing with Harvoni-Shop.com I found that ordering medication was simple and it is easy to get real people to answer your questions and they are knowledgeable and courteous. The medications I receive from Harvoni-Shop.com are in exactly the same factory packages as what I used to buy at my local pharmacy.

Adel F. M. MD


I heard about Harvoni-Shop.com    from my doctor. It has been a blessing for me, saving me hundreds of dollars while providing me with the same meds as in my local pharmacy. My meds have always been delivered in a timely fashion. The trained customer service reps have always been there to answer any questions I have.

Carol L

About one year ago, my primary doctor started me Harvoni for Hep C  suggested I contact Harvoni-Shop.com.  I found the people at Harvoni-Shop.com very courteous and helpful. I ordered at that time and am still receiving my medication from Harvoni-Shop.com. In December 2018 my order was shipped from a partner pharmacy and there was a problem. My package had broken open and My Harvoni was missing. I send an email to Orders Department  and without hesitation,they took over my problem.

After a few days i receive an email from Harvoni-Shop.com orders depart. and said my order would be settled, they would ship my  missing Harvoni .  Last Saturday, my next order arrived only a week after I placed the order . I can’t say enough about the extra fine service I have had with Harvoni-Shop.com and I have recommended Harvoni-Shop.com to several people.

Leona I. M.

A 2 years ago, a friend gave me  Harvoni-Shop.com address because he was aware of my financial situation and wanted to inform me of a feasible way to save money on my prescriptions. This remains an important factor, since I am a widow living on a fixed income. I compared prices with my local pharmacy vs. Harvoni-Shop.com and the difference was considerable. Shortly after that time, I ordered Harvoni from Harvoni-Shop.com. My savings exceeded $50,000.00 (including shipping charges) for the exact brands I had been ordering locally, must to my surprise.

The staff members I have been contacting are extremely courteous, helpful and very professional. I have complete faith and trust in Harvoni-Shop.com and continue to have complete confidence in them as well. I am very impressed with their reliability in all aspects of my dealings with them, and have and will continue to suggest to my friends and associates that they consider ordering from Harvoni-Shop.com. I know without a doubt that my personal information will be kept confidential at all times. All my good wishes to you, and ALL CANADIANS ARE GREAT PEOPLE!!!

Ethel C. S.


The virus of hepatitis C was received a year ago. I found about Harvoni-Shop.com on Youtube.I ordered Harvoni Treatment because is known to be the best one. I try to use all new products. This medicine was discussed with the attending physician. There are contraindications, but there are many positive things. One of the pluses is the price.

I took the drug for 12 weeks, very scrupulously – I started the alarm clock to take medicine at the exact same time. Recently handed over analyzes – there is a positive dynamics. I will continue taking the drug for another 12 weeks.

Laurent Ducharme-France


No one needs to explain what grief comes to a family when one of its members is given a terrible diagnosis – hepatitis C.

His brother discovered hepatitis C, blood tests, damage to the body was great, the virus put the liver, and the liver undermined immunity, according to the results of the virus analysis there were 8 million pieces.

But the doctor reassured that the diagnosis of Hepatitis C is not yet a sentence, the body is young and the chance is not bad, I prescribed a lot of drugs, I honestly never saw such prices for medicines, and I had to treat at least six months.

Our family is not rich, even on credit, we could not scrape together such a sum. Appealed to Harvoni-Shop.com to order  Harvoni, a drug with the same spectrum of action, but the price was lower at times, this amount we mastered.

My brother took this drug for 7 months, Harvoni, of course, were in the form of nausea and dizziness, weakness, but the brother’s reception continued, after 4 weeks it became more and more normal, and after 16 weeks, and the disease began to gradually recede, the analysis showed that the amount of the virus was reduced to 600 units.
After a full course of treatment, the virus was not found in the body. Now it’s been 6 months since receiving the last Harvoney tablet, my brother recently did an analysis – the disease did not return. The doctor said that with a probability of 90%, it can be argued that this recovery, I hope it will.

Thank you www.Harvoni-Shop.com

Health to you!

Tosh F.Eriksen-SANDEFJORD 


When she found out that I had hepatitis C, she was in prostate for two months, then she regained control of herself, started antiviral therapy. I decided to start with generics – the effect, as they say, is the same, and the cost is several times lower. Acquired Harvoni from www.Harvoni-Shop.com as the most suitable for my genotype. Three months of treatment lasted, and regular tests were given, at week 10 the load was already 500 units. And after 12 weeks came the results, which I waited with a sinking heart. And, here is happiness – negative, the virus is not found! Now I am in remission, I regularly take tests.

​Nora Monaldo – Italy


I ordered Harvoni from Harvoni-Shop.com.During the treatment, planned blood tests were carried out: general, detailed and biochemistry. The degree of viral load decreased, especially in liver enzymes, at the end of the planned treatment period, 12 weeks, hepatitis was not detected in the assays under the stamp.

 Thank you Harvoni-Shop.com because you save my life and my financial situation.

Paula Elliason- Skog Stockholm


After finding this site my days of searching for an inexpensive pharmacy are over. The ease of use, prices and shipping are second to none.   I received my package was less than a week! And I saved money to boot!

www.Harvoni-Shop.com are 100% my choise

Klaudia Meister – Twist Germany